How to Style Your Winter Outfit ?

Hello, Hello! hope you all are great and doing your best. I am back with my new post. Yes, Mumbai is Freezing! as this is the mid of January, the climate here is very cold and there is an essential need to wear sweaters. What sweaters? Errrr! This question and expression will definitely come to each and everyone’s mind. We young Mumbaikars don’t have a habit of wearing sweaters even tough it is cold outside. The main reason behind not wearing the sweater is that they are not stylish and we love everything which contains style in it.

But from onwards the sweaters won’t be any source of a problem. In this blog, I bring you how to stylise your sweater and look perfect at every moment.


In my outfit, I am wearing a sweater having a V-neck, and that’s the reason I have kept my collar outside. In case you have a sweater having a crewneck you can put your shirt’s collar inside your sweater. This will give you a gentleman’s look which will be perfect for your morning chores. If you are a working man then you can wear a tie with matching colour which will add a unique flavour to your attire.

One thing you need to keep in mind, always roll up your shirt’s sleeve outside your sweater (you can refer the above image) or at least make sure your shirt cuffs are visible. If you don’t do so your outfit will look incomplete.





The shirt and sweater colour need to match. Only one, the sweater or the shirt should be patterned. Typically, it looks best if your shirt is patterned and the sweater is a solid colour.

For formal occasions, the shirt needs to be tucked into your pants. Casually, you can leave it untucked and have a bit showing out the bottom of your sweater.



The sweater should lightly hug your arms and shoulders. Look for a sweater with high armholes. It will help avoid any excess fabric and minimise bagginess.


Nowadays narrow bottom pants are in trend.but many times we don’t have them. So there is no need to worry. You can pin roll your bottom which I have done in my outfit. If you are wearing jeans then normal fold will do. Click on the link to see how to pin roll your pants How to pin roll.

Make sure you wear formal shoes when you wearing a v-neck sweater or else any sports shoes will go best. V-neck automatically adds a formal touch to your outfit.


To complete your woollen look wear a big dial wristwatch which will add a final touch to your winter outfit.

You can take some ideas from this post and make your own combinations with whatever similar you have in your wardrobe.

PHOTOGRAPHER: – Mayur Tambe, the man behind the lens.

It’s a goodbye from my side at this time, sooner will be posting another blog post. stay tuned, till then enjoy your day and stay blessed!

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Sudhashion tip:-

  • Avoid using hair wax on your hair during winter as it’s already cold outside.Hair wax will make your hair thin and weak.
  • If you really want to use some products on your hair go for hair gel which will add a wet look.










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