Be comfortable, Be stylish! Feat.

Hello, Hello! hope you all are great and doing your best. I am back with my new post. yes, the college cultural fests are coming close. This month is the challenging month in every student’s life as it brings new opportunities to showcase their talent. Everyone wants to look best. But here arise a problem, while rehearsing you just can’t wear jeans or chinos and wearing a shirt might not keep you in your comfort zone and shirts are a too mainstream.

But from now onwards your rehearsals outfit will no longer be a source of a problem. I bring you how to stylize your rehearsals outfit and bang your practicing day with comfort. The rehearsals outfit is nothing but the outfit you wear while doing exercise. Since I mostly shop online, I would like to introduce you a very cool and most familiar brand called BEWAKOOF and I am glad to announce that I have recently collaborated with the Amazing and alluring online fashion store

It’s an awesome brand who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Bewakoof is an online portal that offers a variety of awesome products that include cool printed T-shirts, Denim shirts, Mobile case, etc.







some detail information about my outfit:

I have styled my outfit by wearing a T-Shirt from you can get such T-Shirt by clicking This. As the outfit is for rehearsals I am wearing these grey colour joggers. You can wear jeans or shorts whichever is comfortable for you. Last but not the least I am wearing vans which are adding a finishing touch of spice in my outfit. You can even wear slippers but see to it they must fit you well and should provide a proper grip. Now it’s time to add some accessories to your look, I have added a beanie and a headphone so that my outfit will look complete.




As I have promised earlier I will be collaborating with her quite often for some female fashion stats. For all my females viewers you can get such a hoodie from by clicking this. has a very vast collection of hoodies you can visit them by clicking this.



Some detail information about her outfit:

She is wearing a hoodie from She is wearing white sneakers which are adding a complete finishing touch in her outfit. You can pair your hoodie with jeans, shorts or a short skirt it’s according to your comfort. If you wearing shorts then a high pony will be perfect.

You can take some ideas from this post and make your own combinations with whatever similar you have in your wardrobe.

PHOTOGRAPHER: – Mayur Tambe, the man behind the lens.

Its a goodbye from my side at this time sooner will be posting another blog post. Stay tuned, till then enjoy your day and stay blessed!

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                     Sudhashion tip:

Choose your lipstick according to your skin tone. I would suggest going for orange or brown will be the best move as they go perfect on any skin tone.




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