A scarf a day keeps negative vibes away! Feat. Bewakoof.com

Hello, Hello! hope you all are great and doing your best. I am back with my new post. As this is a new month and we all want to start with a positive vibe. But the question arrives is how can we generate positive vibes around us? Positive vibes don’t come by sitting alone and doing yoga or just listening to music. But your appearance also plays a vital role in making up your mood.

Now here comes the question, How to delete negative vibes by your appearance? hahaha! you might found it funny that the clothes we wear can delete negative vibes. Yes, Many experts have proved that our appearance is the main cause for the vibes around us. To get rid of such negative vibes I bring you this awesome online portal brand name as Bewakoof. This brand has a wide collection of colourful products which helps you to throw away negative vibes and I am glad to announce that I have again collaborated with the Amazing and alluring online fashion store Bewakoof.com.

It’s an awesome brand who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Bewakoof is an online portal that offers a variety of products that include cool printed T-shirts, Denim shirts, Mobile case, etc.








Some detailed information about my outfit:

I have styled my outfit by wearing a shirt from Bewakoof.com you can get such shirt by clicking this. As the outfit is to generate positive vibes around you so I am wearing this unique scarf which is adding sheer positiveness to my outfit. In fact, positivity comes from colours and hence I am carrying this red Tommy Hilfiger sack which has a unique design in itself. If you have messy hairs I would suggest you wear a cap which will directly add a sporty look. But the cap is too mainstream so I have worn this golf cap which is going well with my scarf.

When you wear light shades pants you automatically start caring for others which is the effect of positivity. I have matched my Louis Philippe shoes and Edifice watch with the outfit.

You can take some ideas from this post and make your own combinations with whatever similar you have in your wardrobe.


You can get such mobile case by clicking this. Bewakoof.com has a wide range of colourful mobile cover which you can get from their site.

Photographer: Krunal Tanna you can visit his Instagram page and check his photography. He accepts all kind of collaborations viz. portfolios, prewedding, etc. you can contact him by clicking this.

It’s a goodbye from my side. Sooner will be posting another blog post. Stay tuned, till then be positive and stay fresh. Spread positive vibes through colours in the festival of colours, Play safe Holi and don’t waste water. till then keep following me on Instagram Sudhanshu Parkhi for more fashion updates.

Sudhashion tip:

Eat fresh be healthy and burn all the flaws, Negativity you have in Holi. Me Sudhanshu Parkhi, Author of this blog wishes you a happy Holi.



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