“Don’t be that one” ft.Comicsense.xyz

Hello, Hello! hope you all are great and doing your best. I am back with my new post. As this is the month of vacations ( or preparatory leave) and enjoyment. Many of us will go and stick to our screens for various TV shows. But for all the anime lovers I have brought you this surprise gift in the form of a blog. The name of this blog says it all “Don’t be that one” sitting in front of your screen but experience the power of your favourite character.

In this blog, I have collaborated with the company name COMICSENSE.xyz which makes various products having a design of our famous Anime characters. Just think of your favourite Anime series and they have products of it. COMICSENSE.xyz has products of more than 20 Anime series which includes Dragon ball, Naruto, Death Note, One Piece, Pokemon and much more.

It’s an awesome startup who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. COMICSENSE.xyz is an online portal that offers a variety of products like T-shirts, Mobile covers, Wallets, Keychains, Caps/Hats, etc. It feels honour that I got a chance to collaborate with a company who got vast designing products.




Some detailed information about my outfit:

I’m wearing a crew neck Goku T-Shirt by Comicsense with a light coloured jeans by John Players to keep it casual. For shoes, it has to be my favourite navy blue coloured with the orange strip by PUMA. I have been obsessed with them quite a long time because of this obvious reasons, they look smart, they’re comfortable and goes with almost everything. This outfit will go perfectly for evening parties or a walk with a friend. Considering the weather I am not layering it.

Coming back to the title, here “Don’t be that one” stands for the uniqueness of a person. that he is not like others. All you need is to stand and select what your hearts says.Don’t just go with the flow. Even tough you failed twice or thrice don’t quite, as it’s said that “FAILURE TEACHES YOU THE THINGS WHICH SUCCESS CAN’T so don’t afraid to experiment on you. As comicsense.xyz also keep on experimenting with their designs.

As the blog is about Anime and the Anime is incomplete if I don’t include Itachi from Naruto.



Here again, the design of Itachi is made by them. The best part of their startup is that they themselves create the design for their product instead of buying it from the international market. This makes them suitable for the title “Don’t be that one.”

Comicsense says: “The idea of collaborating with the blogger and reviewing the product in depth was a great initiative. Thinking to collaborate again”

Photographer: Pratik Suvarna you can visit his Instagram page and check his photography. He accepts all kind of collaborations like portfolios, blog shoot, etc.

It’s a goodbye from my side. sooner will be posting another blog post. Stay tuned, till then “Don’t be that one” be unique and be stylish. For more fashion updates follow me on Instagram Sudhanshu Parkhi.

Sudhashion tip:

Instead of nylon go for cotton. As cotton will absorb the sweat and you will feel all fresh again. Me Sudhanshu Parkhi. The author of this blog wishes you a happy vacation.




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