The new beginning ft. Humptee Dumptee.

Hello, Hello! hope you all are great and doing your best. I am back with my new post. yes! Monsoon has finally arrived in Mumbai after a warm summer vacation and I hope you all are enjoying your rainy days. The best part of rain is you can take holiday under the name of rain, hahahah! In this blog, I have done my collaboration with the brand names Humptee Dumptee. I will be talking more about this brand and their products in detail in my today’s blog But before that let’s take some time from our busy schedule and go outside and enjoy the rain.

when we talk about rain the first thing that comes to my mind is a novel and ek cup chai. incase pakodas are there, then sone pe suhaga (cherry on the cake). Well, I am not yet finished, I even like to spend some quality time with my friends and enjoy a hot Manchow soup at the Chinese corner or one omelette pav if the omelette is half fried then uuumhaaa! (my love for half fried omelette is endless) my mouth has already started watering. Tell me what you like to eat during the rainy season in my comments section or DM me on Instagram.

We all love rain. But the question arises, what to wear during the rainy season? Well, this Humptee Dumptee brand has brought an amazing range of clothing collection, especially for the rainy season. The best part of their brand is they have a variety of designs and the best quality products. Humptee Dumptee was established in the year 2013 and in their working career they have achieved a respectable position in the online clothing market. Their motto is to spread a smile.

What they say: ” We try to keep our designs meaningful keeping in mind a concept or group of audience. Categorization is done in a way that you could reach to your favourite tee, with least effort. Our designs are Simple (but not boring). Has an element of Sarcasm (but not Insulting). Most Importantly, we have the largest catalogue of T-Shirt designs without compromising on quality.”

With this thought and such a positive motto, it is sure that Humptee Dumptee is going to be on a peak in recent years. They have started a cool concept of a variety of theme based T-Shirts for singles, Couples, Children, Babies, Families etc. You can see their collection on their website.

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My experience with Humptee Dumptee,

Many time it feels boring to wear a T-Shirt of just one colour with no design on it and we know that white colour T-Shirts are usually preferred to wear under a denim or some jacket But in this case, we can easily wear this white colour Tee as a normal one without doing layering, as this Tee got a small character printed on it which makes this tee look more stylish. I would like to bring your attention to that print and its detailing. Humptee Dumptee has concentrated on small details to make this Tee look bold and stylish. If you want to do a layering with this tee then it won’t be a problem as the character is printed on the side of your chest.

This T-Shirt is comfortable too and the best part is it is not choking my neck. many tees with round neck have a very small neck hole which ultimately chokes your neck. For the comfort, I would love to give this tee 4.5 out of 5.

All in all, this tee is must in your wardrobe. you can style yourself with whatever you have in your wardrobe, as this tee will go everything because of its universal colour.

Photography: Gaurav Kamat,  you can visit his Instagram page and check his photography. He accepts all kind of collaborations like portfolios, blog shoot, etc.

Go out enjoy the Rain and wash away all your flaws. Let the new chapter begin. Till then its a good bye from my side. hope you are enjoying my blog. let me know if any suggestions/question are there for me in the comment section below. sooner I will be posting another blog post. Stay tuned, till then enjoy your day and stay blessed!

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